Welcome to the website of the Trilokidhaam Mandhir!

This websites will provide you with all the necessary information regarding issues of the Mandhir (temple), for example: opening hours, activities, traditions etc. Furthermore, you will find all kinds of usefull information regarding the Hindu religion. These might prove usefull when visiting the Mandhir, for there are rules to take in account.

When can I visit the mandhir
We welcome you with great pleasure every Sunday from 2 pm till 4:30 pm. Also, you are very welcome to visit our aforementioned activities in our yearprogram.

Warning! Sunday the 15th of October, the regular service will be cancelled.

Sundag 22nd of October the regular service will also be cancelled.


Special celebrations

Wednesday 18th of October we will celebrate Divali starting from 6:30 pm

Monday 23rd of October a 1 day – Srimad Bhagavat Yagya will be held starting from 6 pm

Please make sure that you check our yearly calendar for more activities!